The Three Circles of Purpose

On Monday the 15th of June I presented two session at ExO World:Open House!

ExO World:Open House! is an international monthly event were people can network and share ideas. Over 250 people attended this event in June.

The two sessions I presented were "The Amazing Flywheel Effect" and "The Three Circles of Purpose". This blog relates to the second session.

Purpose is one of the biggest drives in business today.

Consumers are a third more likely to buy products or services from a purpose-driven company and 50% more likely to switch brands from one they typically buy. Employees are looking for greater meaning from work. This is especially true among younger, next generation leaders, with 70% of millennials stating that a company’s commitment to the community and social impact initiatives will influence their decision of where to work.

I believe Purpose falls into three areas:

  • Leaders Purpose

  • Economic Purpose

  • Social Purpose

To make this as easy as possible for you to consume I have attached the presentation I used at ExO World:Open House! and placed it in the Exponential Technology section of my website. I have also created a video for you to take you through the presentation.

To access the presentation and video just click on this link and scroll down to the bottom.

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Next week I will upload the presentation and video from my "Three Circles of Purpose" session.

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