“Content is king” - Columnist available

I produce a weekly blog and I am making my content available for use on electronic and printed media.

The quote “Content is king” by Bill Gates in 1996 is still as relevant today as it was then.

For over 18 months I have been writing weekly blogs on www.ideastorm.co.za/blog and I believe that I can offer you attractive relevant content that will interest and attract readers.

Topics of expertise:


I have also published an eBook titled “An introduction to Idea Management” featuring Herman Singh and Jannie van Zyl that can be bought on www.amazon.com.


I have over 25 years of IT experience and have over 3,200 LinkedIn followers.


Angela de Longchamps – Leadership Activator and owner of Tandem Learning and Leadership Solutions states:

“Companies outside the tech industry are bombarded by new terms every day: big data; cloud; AI; robotics; digital; etc,. and the average person who is a technology user, vs a student of technology, doesn’t really see the connections or potential.  I believe that there are many organisations who would benefit from a simplified view of what is currently on the technology landscape and what is on the horizon.”

My blogs are exactly this – looking at relevant complex IT and business concepts and discussing them in an easy to understand style.

I would like to contribute to your site.  My email address is lancepeppler@gmail.com, my phone number 083-634-9817 and I will happily come to you to discuss this with you.

Free Design Thinking for churches

The purpose of the church is to make disciples – bringing people into a relationship with Jesus and then instructing them to obey everything that Jesus commanded his first disciples (Matt 28:18-20).  Fulfilling this both grows the people within the church and also has a tremendously positive impact in the community the church has been placed.

The church though has limited resources and knowing how to use them to make the biggest impact both within the church and in the community is often very difficult.

Idea Storm is proud to announce free design thinking workshops to help assist churches achieving their purpose.  These workshops take place on a Saturday and can be used by any activity that your church has - from the church service through to youth, outreach and social outreach.

The Idea Storm Design Thinking process is all about focusing on people and will guide you the following steps:


1. Who is your “customer”?

The first step for a team working through the Design Thinking process is to accurately define who the “customer” is.Is it families, men, woman, youth, children, divorced people, poor people etc?This might not be so straightforward as assisting youth might be to train parents – making parents the “customer”

2. What are their needs?

Determine the needs that group of people have.For a young adult their needs might be friendship, dating opportunities, worshiping in community, job skills, social skills etc.

3.Ideation and creation

Brainstorming, selecting the best ideas and creating a solution to meet your groups needs.Evaluate afterwards that the most important benefits for your group are clear.What does the experience look like for your group?

4.Write a press release and FAQ

Clarify your thinking by writing a 1 page press release (similar to this press release) and an internal and “customer” FAQ.This can be used to give to decision makers in your church to get their input and approval.

If you are finding it difficult to determine how to do things differently and make an impact in the lives of the people in your church and community then Design Thinking could be a process that will assist you.

To learn more or book a Design Thinking workshop for your church email Lance Peppler at lancepeppler@gmail.com or call him on 083-634-9817.