Jeff Finney - Author of “That's It, I'm Fired"

Episode 181 of the Business Bookshelf podcast - Jeff Finney - author of “That's It, I'm Fired"

Perhaps you're one of those business owners who forgets to eat lunch. Or, if you do, you pick up a sandwich while checking your email. Maybe you haven't been on a real vacation in years and your family time is limited to an hour or two a day. Sound familiar? Entrepreneur and CEO Jeff Finney can certainly empathize with your struggle. He wrote his upcoming book That's It, I'm Fired in order to aid hands-on business owners in perfecting their business operations so that they can take a step back and finally enjoy their personal lives.

Jeff Finney is the owner and CEO of Ultimate Cabinets and The Push Thru, LLC, with over 15 years in the woodworking manufacturing business. I’ll have links to these and a link to his podcast called “The Push Thru”.

Jeff's website can be found here -

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